Tell the Senate: Vote on Obama’s supreme court pick

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Sign Senator Jeff Merkle’s petition to tell the Senate to do its job and confirm Obama’s supreme court nominee:

Then, if you have time, call as many of your senators as you can and tell them directly. Here is the link to find your Senators:

My name is _____ ______. I am a voter and a constituent. I am calling to tell Senator _________ that I want the senate to do its job and hold a vote on Senator Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Garland, immediately.

Why this matters

Since 1975 the Senate has taken an average of 67 days to vote on Supreme Court nominees. It is now more than eight months after the President made a nomination, and the Senate has failed to hold a single hearing on Judge Garland’s nomination. Per the constitution, the Senate’s duty is to provide “advice and consent” on the President’s Supreme Court nominations.

We have mere weeks until Donald Trump is sworn in as President and replaces Judge Garland’s nomination with his own pick for the Supreme Court.