Demand that Standing Rock protesters not be threatened with fines

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Call the office of North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple and tell him you want to see the fine on delivering supplies to the Standing Rock protesters lifted, and access to emergency services fully restored.

The phone number is: (701) 328-2200

If you would rather send an email, there is a contact form here:

My name is ______ _________. (If you are a resident of North Dakota, mention that. Otherwise, say you are a citizen of the USA.) I am calling to let Governor Dalrymple know that threatening to fine people who enter the Standing Rock camp is unacceptable. The Standing Rock protesters have a moral duty to remain in that location regardless of the weather, and attempting to discourage those who would increase their safety by bringing them much needed supplies such as food, fuel, warm clothing or adequate shelter only further endangers them. I also want to urge the Governor to reconsider his order of providing emergency services to the Standing Rock camp only on a “case by case” basis.

Why this matters

Citing “harsh winter conditions,” North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued an emergency evacuation order to the protestors at Standing Rock. As a result, emergency response services such as ambulances may be denied to protestors who remain to block construction of the oil pipeline, and will only be provided on a “case by case basis.” Just as bad, a $1,000 fine is now possible on anyone caught entering the camp or bringing the protestors supplies such as water, food or even outhouses.

A great deal of money and preparation has already gone into preparing for North Dakota’s harsh winters by the water protectors. This order seeks to make conditions in the camp so unbearable and dangerous that the protestors are forced to evacuate and clear the way for construction to continue.

Condemn attacks on unarmed clean water protectors

Law enforcement fired tear gas, rubber bullets, noise cannons and water cannons at unarmed protesters in sub zero temperatures at Standing Rock.

Please note: The time window for taking action on this post may have already come and gone. Please check our Do Something page for meaningful actions you can take right now, today!

Yes, this is a second thing to do today to help keep America Great, but this is in response to an unfolding emergency situation happening at Standing Rock.


White House (202) 456-1111

White House (202) 456-1414 US

Department of Justice (202) 353-1555

Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. (701) 667-3330

North Dakota Governor’s Office (701) 328-2200

Tell them you condemn the attacks on unarmed water protectors, you support the protectors’ cause, and you demand that the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest be upheld and defended. Here is a sample script to get you started:

My name is ______ ______. I am a US citizen and resident of [CITY], [STATE]. I am calling to demand that constitutional right to peaceful assembly and protest be upheld in Standing Rock, North Dakota. The attacks on unarmed protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, noise cannons, and water cannons in subfreezing temperatures is criminal. Please intervene to stop this brutality immediately and prevent it from ever happening again. I am in support of the water defenders and want to see you support their cause too.

Why does this matter?

Amnesty International has a great explanation. On October 29th, Amnesty International sent human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to protests at Standing Rock. The following is quoted from the Amnesty International press release that explains their concerns:

  • The decision to disperse an assembly should be a last resort and should be communicated clearly and with ample time for people to comply. If a small minority tries to turn a peaceful assembly into a violent one, police should protect the peaceful protestors and not use isolated violence as a pretext to impede the rights of the majority of protestors.
  • Police should not use force against protestors simply for assembling; the decision to disperse an assembly should only be taken when there are no other means available to protect public order from an imminent risk of violence; and the type of equipment used to disperse an assembly must be carefully considered and used only when necessary, proportional and lawful.
  • Police should not selectively enforce laws against the media, legal observers, or protest organizers.
  • Arrest and detention should be carried out in accordance with the law and should not be used as a means to prevent peaceful protest or to intimidate or punish people for participating in a public assembly.
  • If people are arrested, police should not use restraints in an excessive manner; people who are arrested should have access to food and water, restrooms, medical attention, and legal counsel.