Ask Trump to hold all his advisers equally accountable

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Contact President Elect Trump and let him know that you approve of his firing Michael G. Flynn from his transition team for spreading dangerous fake news stories on Twitter, and you want to see his father, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (whom Trump appointed as his national security adviser) held accountable for the same behavior.

Here is the link to contact Donald Trump:

To get you started, here is a sample message. Feel free to use it as is, or to personalize it.

President Elect Trump,

My name is ________ ________. I am a US citizen and a voter, and I am writing to applaud your decision to fire Michael G. Flynn over his promotion of dangerously false news stories via his twitter account. Accurate reporting is crucial to a healthy democracy, and people who spread falsehoods have no place in government.

I hope that you will continue this show of good judgement by removing other members of your transition team or cabinet who have been repeatedly guilty of promoting easily disproved faux news, starting with Michael’s father, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn. Lt. Gen. Flynn has shared many fake news stories, such as ones alleging that Mrs. Clinton committed felonies and has posted his own Islamophobic views.

This country has many real problems to solve, and it is unproductive and dangerous for us to waste our time on baseless conspiracy theories.

Again, here’s that link to contact Trump:

Why this matters

If Trump’s own national security adviser can’t tell the difference between fake news and real news, he is obviously in a position to give advice that is not just terrible, but has tragic consequences. Our government must not order military actions or base foreign or domestic policy on easily disprovable fantasies.

These fake news stories that Trump and his associates have been spreading on Twitter have already led to a shooting in a pizzeria, after the owner was targeted by vicious libel because he had held fundraisers for Hillary Clinton. This is only the beginning of the tragedies that can happen when our elected officials buy into – and spread – conspiracy theories against their enemies.