Tell the speaker of the house: We want to keep the ACA

Let Speaker of the House Paul Ryan know that you support the ACA. He is currently conducting a hugely biased phone poll about whether Americans support the law, presumably in order to show that he has a “mandate” to repeal it from the American people, despite all unbiased polls to the contrary.

1) Call (202) 225-3031. This line works on weekends and at night!

2) If you get a recorded message saying the mailbox is full, hang up and call back. This is an error; you don’t need to leave a voicemail in order to vote in this poll.

3) When you get a recorded voice describing the phone tree options to you, press 2. Be patient; sometimes there is up to a minute and a half of silence before the recording starts.

4) You will now have to sit through an extremely biased lecture about the parts of the ACA the Speaker does not like, before you are allowed to answer the question about whether you support the ACA in general or not. Press 1 to show your support for the ACA.

5) After you have answered the question, you can stay on the line to leave Paul Ryan a voice mail. The voice mail box has been consistently full for the last few days, but every once in awhile you’ll be able to get through. If you are able, tell Paul Ryan why the Affordable Care Act matters to you.

Why does this matter?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes called Obamacare, has helped millions of Americans to access crucial health care services they otherwise would not be able to afford. The Republican party and Trump’s administration are hell-bent on repealing it.

To be able to show that the American people support the dismantling of the ACA, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is conducting a hugely biased phone poll. The poll has one question: Do you support President Obama’s health care plan?

Why is that biased? You have to listen to a long, partisan monologue about the evils of the plan before you are allowed to vote on it.

Let Paul Ryan know that you support the ACA, and these tricks to gain manufactured support will not cover him politically.