Demand the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigate Trump’s financial conflicts

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Call Jason Chaffetz’s office directly. Chaffetz is the congressman from Utah and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and let him know you want the committee to make sure Donald Trump does not have any financial conflicts of interest.
Phone: (202) 225-7751

“I’m —- —– , a US citizen and voter calling to let Chairman Chaffetz know that I support Rep. Elijah Cummings’s call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s “financial arrangements” for potential conflicts of interest before he’s sworn in as president. Please immediately begin conducting a review to ensure that President-elect Trump does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interests. I want the Committee to make sure Trump and his advisors comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements.”

Why this matters

The number of conflicts of interests that Donald Trump brings with him into office are unprecedented, many of which call into question even his own campaign promises. For example, multiple Chinese owned banks are in business with Trump. Let us not forget that Trump just paid 21 million dollars to avoid standing trial for corrupt business practices.  Meanwhile, foreign diplomats are booking rooms at Donald Trump‘s hotels in the hopes that putting money directly into the pocket of the President Elect will earn their countries favor.

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